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Create a conversational bot to engage with your customers, collect leads and feedbacks - without writing code.

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Why Botflow?

1. Easy to use builder

With Botflow you can make and add a chatbot in your website without writing any code.

2. Bot works, you relax

With a chatbot built with BotFlow, you can have customer support 24x7. Let the bot work.

3. Get more leads

Chatbots convert more than traditional web forms. Botflow gives you ability to export that data.

botflow app features
  • 1 Build bots that generate more leads.
  • 2Export your data anytime in .csv format.
  • 3Customize according to your brand.
  • 4Easy integration into your website.

Businesses have seen more than 80% increase in leads*.

*when using conversational UIs instead of traditional forms

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With Botflow we are able to create chabots which converts leads better than the traditional forms. On top of that the customer support the Botflow team provides is superb!

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Includes every feature we offer plus unlimited bots and unlimited loads.
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This includes chatbot expert assistance to build your first chatbot that would otherwise cost $149/mo.

  • Visual drag-and-drop builder.
  • Widget code to easily integrate on your website.
  • Variables and Logical jumps.
  • Use images and embed videos.
  • Webhooks to receive data.
  • Download data as csv or excel file.
  • Fetch data from API.
  • Integrate Dialogflow for NLP.
  • Customize chatbot color to match your website.
  • Whatsapp chatbot (coming soon).

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 No Botflow doesn't provide live chat feature. Botflow was meant to be complete asyn communication with your customers and hence no live chat. Although you can add our "Input blocks" to be used as gathering customer reviews or feedbacks which you can then communicate via e-mail.

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