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Why Botflow?

1. Easy to use builder

With Botflow you can make and add a chat bot in your website without writing any code.

2. Bot works, you relax

With a chat bot built with BotFlow, you can have customer support 24x7. Let the bot work.

3. Get more leads

Chatbots convert more than traditional web forms. Botflow gives you ability to export that data.

Shinysleep loves Botflow

"As ShinySleep grows rapidly, using chat bots helps us to sort out customer queries without needing us to have more manpower. Using BotFlow we are able to make chat bots without investing huge money in the development efforts."

Tarun, CEO - ShinySleep

Simple Pricings. Choose a plan that best suits your needs.

$19 / mo

Best to get started.


  • 500 Unique loads.
  • Unlimited bots.
  • All basic blocks.
  • Data Export.
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* 14 Days Free trial. Credit card not required.

$49 / mo

That's what we are talking about. All features!


  • 3000 Unique loads.
  • Unlimited bots.
  • Basic + Advance blocks.
  • Custom scripts to determine flows.
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* 14 Days Free trial. Credit card not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 One unique load is counted as one chat load for your one user. For example if you have 500 Unique loads in your plan then your 500 unqiue vistors can interact with the chatbot.

💡 You will be notified via email before your Unique load credits are about to finish. Just upgrade your account to continue using service.

💡 All the data collected through your bot is always yours. You will be able to download those data anytime. Botflow has no right to share or sell them to the third parties.

💡 Well then I am here to answer. Shoot me an email at themkmaker@gmail.com

  • 1 Intuitive builder requires no coding skills.
  • 2Export your data anytime in .csv format.
  • 3Customize according to your brand.
  • 4Easy integration into your website.

85% of businesses will start using chatbots by end of 2020.

Don't be in that last 15%. Adopt a chatbot today.

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